In January of 1610, Galileo Galilei turned a new 30x telescope of his own manufacture to the heavens, specifically to view the “wandering star” Jupiter. What he saw must have been astonishing, even if he was already looking for evidence to support the heliocentric model of the solar system. Three small “stars” that had previously never been seen were in a line through Jupiter, and, as he continued his nightly observations, these tiny stars moved. One night, he saw one star disappear and on another night, reappear. These tiny stars appeared to be orbiting Jupiter.

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Big data alone cannot lead or manage a business. Imagine you have a big data system right now – what would you do with it?

A lot of businesses are ramping up big data systems. The sad thing is that some of these implementations will never pay for themselves, and the vast majority will not garner nearly the benefit that was promised by a vendor or consultant. Perhaps you are considering starting such a project, or perhaps you are saddled with one that is not performing to your expectations. This book is for you!