About the Author


Steve Ouellette started his career as an engineer at a business that went through a transformation like the one he writes about in this book. After seeing how this improved the business as a whole as well as the working environment, he learned everything he could from the consultants who had orchestrated the change. In 1996 he joined that consulting firm and began implementing these techniques at businesses in many industries. He spun off his own consulting business, The ROI Alliance in 2002.

During this time he also began teaching classes in the Engineering Management Master’s degree program at the University of Colorado, eventually being called upon to create many strategic plans throughout the university itself.

He is comfortable working with all levels of an organization, from CEO to shift worker, and by doing so brings a unique perspective of both the theory and the practice of creating decision support systems that align with business or organizational objectives. Further, his expertise in traditional data analysis provides the context needed to begin melding the business needs with what big data can provide. He teaches Six Sigma courses from an introduction to Master Black Belt and offers on-disc Black Belt training on Six Sigma Online.

Steve also holds a black belt teaching license in the martial art aikido. He is the co-author of Business Performance Excellence, with Dr. Jeffrey Luftig.