Galileo's Telescope

Welcome to the companion site for the new book Galileo's Telescope, by Steven Ouellette.

Although “big data” is being collected by businesses, researchers and governments, it is not often used very effectively. Organizational leaders have been sold expensive systems that gather huge amounts of data with no real strategic value. Big data by itself does not answer questions, it requires the human mind to pose a question. Even then, if it isn’t the right question, the answer may result in taking action that is a distraction from, or even actively harmful to, the purpose of the business.

Businesses are again falling for the hype that a new tool will solve your problems. But as Max Ernst pointed out, “It is not great telescopes that make great astronomers.”

This is where the idea of Galileo’s Telescope comes in – an imperfect analysis of cheap data can find a major competitive advantage long before traditional analytical approaches if you know where to look and if you have a framework for interpreting the results. And in the modern business environment, being able to detect these and react faster than the competition is the key to surviving.

Current State of the Book

The book is finishing its third draft stage. You can read a couple of chapters right here:

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Updated Content

The tools are constantly being developed, so we will be posting updates here. Periodically I will write a blog post about these topics. We also have a number of helpful forms and models that we plan on posting here.

In the News

First Draft Complete

The first draft of Galileo's Telescope is complete! I may be asking for volunteer beta readers soon!

The Other Side of Succession Planning

Steven Ouellette presented a "Power 60 Professional Development" event nationwide on April 19th at 1:30-2:30 p.m. EDT for the Network for Change and Continuous Innovation (NCCI) in higher education. The topic was "The Other Side of Succession Planning." Click on the title to view a video capture of it. Although we spend time finding and grooming the right person for the job, but what happens once they take over? View the video to learn more!